how to buy magic

How to Buy MAGIC Crypto Treasure DAO - A Step by Step Guide

MAGIC is the cryptocurrency used inside Treasure Dao's ecosystem. Treasure DAO built its own NFT marketplace on Arbitrum and is the breeding ground for many groundbreaking Free to Mint NFT projects like Bridgeworld, SmolBrains, and many more.

how to buy ass crypto

How to Buy ASS Crypto (Australian Safe Shepherd) - A Step by Step Guide

**Australian Safe Shepherd,** often called **$ASS**, is one of the newest and most promising meme coins. Like many others, is trying to do what DOGE did, using a different breed of dog. ASS uses very similar tokenomics to SAFEMOON's. Huge token supply, making the price seem really cheap and charging a selling fee, that half of it is burned, and the other half is distributed amongst holders. This encourages holding the coin because you can keep earning more tokens as some people sell.

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How to Buy Revolution Populi Crypto (RVP) - A Step by Step Guide

Revolution Populi is a blockchain-based database that can be user-controlled. It allows the building of multiple Dapps to be created using it, most importantly social networks. The team claims their technology will allow users to regain power over their personal data. Facebook and Google are known for storing huge amounts of your data, and these companies have the power to do 'almost anything with it since they own it. The Revolution Populi team claims that social networks built using their technology will be fair to the user data since it will be stored on the blockchain. Nobody will control own it, preventing abuse from companies.

how to store dogecoin on ledger

How to Store Dogecoin on Ledger - Step by Step

In this short guide, we’re going to cover how you can safely protect your **Dogecoin** with a Ledger Hardware Wallet. This works for both the Nano S and Nano X versions.

how to store enjin on ledger

How to Store Enjin Crypto on Ledger - Step by Step

In this short guide, we’re going to cover how you can safely protect your Enjin crypto with a Ledger Hardware Wallet. This works for both the Nano S and Nano X versions. Enjin crypto is becoming really popular, and a lot of investors are not storing their tokens safely in a Hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano.

how to buy omi crypto

How to Buy OMI Crypto (ECOMI) - Step by Step

ECOMI** is a Singapore-based company that owns **VEVE App** and **SECURE WALLET**. VEVE app is an entire marketplace for premium licensed digital collectibles. Also known as **NFT's.** With the **VEVE App**, you can buy, sell and trade your digital assets with other users. Secure Wallet is an NFT and crypto wallet. You can keep track of all your assets in one place. Secure Wallet also supports a Credit Card that allows you to spend crypto in the real world.

how to store OMI crypto on ledger

How to Store OMI Crypto on Ledger - Step by Step

In this guide, we're going to cover how you can safely protect your OMI crypto with a Ledger Hardware Wallet. This works for both the Nano S and Nano X versions. ECOMI crypto is receiving a lot of attention lately, and most people still don't know how to store their OMI crypto safely and are keeping them on the Exchange, which is something we don't recommend at all. If you haven't bought this token yet, follow our [guide on how to buy OMI crypto](

how to buy hoge crypto

How to buy Hoge Finance Crypto (HOGE) - Step by Step

Hoge Finance is a meme coin trying to become the next DOGE, with a few key differences. HOGE is a deflationary token. It has a limited supply, and in every transaction, 1% of the value of that transaction gets burned. This makes the token rarer and rarer on every transaction in an attempt to make it worth more. Another 1% of the transaction gets distributed amongst holders.

how to buy kava crypto

How to Buy KAVA Crypto - Step by Step

Kava is a DeFi platform that allows the lending of multiple stablecoins between various blockchains. The KAVA token acts as the governance and staking currency. Kava is one of the most established Decentralized FInance platforms as of today.


How to Buy Hedera Hashgraph Crypto (HBAR) - Step By Step

**Hedera Hashgraph** is a parallel network to Ethereum or Bitcoin. It handles transactions much faster and better than Ethereum or Bitcoin too. Hedera's focus is on security, and they were able to achieve the highest-grade security available. All this with astonishing fast transactions and low bandwidth consumption.

how to buy berry data crypto

How to Buy Berry Data Crypto (BRY) - Step by Step

**Berry Data** is one of the best oracle providers for the Binance Smart Chain. You can call it the ChainLink of BSC. Berry Data gives a  decentralized alternative for data that is outside of the chain. It also provides the needed infrastructure for the decentralized apps to query that data by properly rewarding miners to provide it.

how to stake egg on goose finance

How to Stake EGG on Goose Finance - Step by Step

Goose Finance has one of the best staking and farming returns I've seen in a long while. You should be taking advantage of this as soon as you can. Staking EGG is pretty simple, and you should be done in 5 minutes, assuming you already own EGG. If you don't own any EGG right now, you should read our tutorial on [How to Buy EGG]

how to buy cake crypto

How to buy CAKE crypto (PancakeSwap) - Step by Step

**CAKE** is the token of PancakeSwap, the number one exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap is a very similar site to Uniswap. Any token that you want to buy on the Binance Smart Chain, **PancakeSwap** will probably be the best place to do it.

how to buy egg crypto

How to buy EGG crypto (Goose Finance) - Step by Step

**Goose Finance** is Yield farming project on the **Binance Smart Chain**.

how to buy wynaut crypto

How to buy WYNAUT Crypto - Step by Step

WYNAUT is simply a reflect token, working on the Binance Smart Chain. This means every transaction fee is split with all the token holders. Each transaction has a 3.6% fee. The 1.8% is distributed among token holders; the remaining 1.8% will be burned to decrease the circulating supply. This means you'll earn WYNAUT tokens by simply holding it.

how to buy verox crypto

How to Buy Verox Crypto (VRX) - Step by Step

Verox claims to be the project where Artificial intelligence meets Defi and crypto in general. Their product hasn't been release yet but you'll be able to let artificial intelligence control your crypto trades and investments, that will supposedly achieve above-human results.

how to buy bondly crypto

How to Buy Bondly Crypto (BONDLY) – Step by Step

Bondly is a swap protocol that enables each person to become their own marketplace. The technology will enable you to easily send and purchase digital assets through messaging apps or social networks. Bondly will work with different blockchain networks and was built on **Polkadot**.

how to buy asko crypto

How to Buy Asko Crypto (ASKO) - Step by Step

Asko intends to revolutionize the concept of POLL ( Proof of locked liquidity). They are the first project with this kind of concept. With this strategy, they can guarantee safety to the investors and or contributors. No person has control over the liquidity pool on Uniswap, and there is 1% tax on each transaction.

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How to Buy Polkacover Crypto (CVR) - Step by Step

Polkacover is the first insurance marketplace in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Polkacover aims to bring insurance to transactions in the Decentralized Finance world. They want to give the power back to the people by providing insurance services for transactions in the crypto space. Providing global access to buy insurance products in a very quick and easy manner.


How to Buy Tosdis Crypto (DIS) -Step by Step

Tosdis is a new cryptocurrency that offers Decentralized Finance as a service. Their service will combine Staking and Liquid Staking for proof of stake cryptocurrencies. This means Tosdis will take care of all the technicalities of the staking process and investors will get the benefits of it.

how to buy bot ocean bots crypto

How to buy Bot Ocean Crypto (Bots) - Step by Step

Bot Ocean is a project that markets itself as a one-stop trading solution. Their platform will offer **Trading Bots**. Yes, you heard me right; you will be able to choose a bot to trade cryptocurrencies for you automatically. That bot will work according to their algorithms.  It will also include a sort of social network for trading, which they call **Social Trading.**

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How to Buy Rubic Crypto (RBC) - Step by Step

Rubic is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum Network as most new tokens released. Rubic's product is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that works with multiple chains like **Binance Smart Chain, Tron,** **Matic,


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