How to Buy Aki Protocol Crypto (AKI)

How to buy Aki Protocol Crypto

What is Aki Protocol (AKI)?

According to Coingecko, Aki Protocol is : What is the project about? Aki introduces two layers to organize the web3 world’s information. Aki Protocol is an open infrastructural multi-chain knowledge base that provides oracle services. Akii Network is a consumer-facing application suite built on top of Aki Protocol with a specific focus on influencer-centered graphs. What makes your project unique? 1. influencer-focusing; 2. data-driven; 3. utilizing AIGC to support content creation; 4. emphasizing data ownership and rewarding data contributors. History of your project. Founded in 01/2022 with five people. Launched the current version of product in 06/2022. Kept interating and adding more features. Achieved a total of 160,000+ onchain interactions, 120,000+ unique addresses, and 16,000+ influencer-base in 2022. Helped more than 20 projects with user growth. What’s next for your project? 1. Optimize Aki native data and integrate data from more web2 and web3 platforms, such as YouTube; 2. Start micro-influencer incubation program; 3. Implement zk-SNARK; 4. Introduce ata pass mechanism; build a governance DAO; 5. adding AIGC tools to support content creation; research and developmment generative AI and Machine Learning for broader usage in advertising. What can your token be used for? 1. voting in dApp updates and Treasury usage decisions. 2. incentivizing data layer developers, data contributors, and Aki Badge NFT holders. 3. in-app payments and settlements, to obtain marketing services, subscribe to data and research reports, etc. 4. staking to gain greater exposure and a larger voting weight in DAO governance voting.

Where can I buy AKI Crypto?

The best website to buy Aki Protocol is Simpleswap.

With Simpleswap you can buy almost every reputable token without needing to register or providing proof of identity. The process is incredibly simple and quick.

How to Buy Aki Protocol on Simpleswap

To buy Aki Protocol on Simpleswap, first you need to click here to access the Simpleswap App. Now, click the "Buy Crypto" tab, select your fiat currency, and then select AKI, just like in this example:

Buy Aki Protocol on Simpleswap

Once you selected the currency you want to pay in, and AKI, you need to paste your respective wallet address where you want to receive your AKI.

With Simpleswap, you'll receive your Aki Protocol directly on your on-chain wallet without need to deposit and withdraw like in every other exchange.

You can now choose between Google Pay or card to complete the payment:

Buy Polygon on Simpleswap

Once you complete the payment, all you gotta do is wait a few minutes for the payment confirmation, and for the on-chain transaction to complete. Once all that is completed you should see your updated balance in your wallet.

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