How to Buy dFund Crypto (DFND)

How to buy dFund Crypto

What is dFund DFND?

According to Coingecko, dFund is : dFund is a project that aims to build an all-encompassing platform combining advanced DeFi smart-contract-powered features including decentralized hedge funds, direct p2p lending, credit scores, DAO governance and a secondary marketplace for synthetic assets into one easy to use platform. Every user on the platform will be able to start their own decentralized hedge fund, or invest in one, and decentralized hedge funds on the platform will be ranked by their performance (roi), so people can make informed decisions. The founder of the decentralized hedge fund can only swap / trade with user funds, while withdrawals and payouts are automated by smart contracts, therefore eliminating the possibility of scam or pyramid schemes. The platform will also enable users to participate in direct p2p lending, where every user sets the loan amount, interest rate, loan duration, and collateral requirement, which can be even under or over 100% allowing for under and over collateralized loans. Every borrower on the platform will have a credit rating, and lenders can set the minimum credit rating required to take the loan, and even set different collateral requirements and interest rates for users with different credit ratings. If someone never got liquidated on their loan aka never defaulted and always paid back the loan amount + interest on time, they will have a very high credit rating, while users who get liquidated / default many times will see their credit rating slip down. Credit rating can be improved or worsened over time. The platform will also have a secondary marketplace for synthetic assets where users can buy and sell the loans, therefore allowing lenders to exit their positions and delegate the risk and waiting time to other users. So for example, if a user is lending a loan with a 10% interest rate, but they need money / liquidity urgently or they simply don’t want to wait until the end of the loan duration, they can instead decide to sell their loan, and maybe someone will buy it for 4% instantly, which would mean a 6% profit for them after they receive the original 10% interest at the end of the loan’s duration, which is beneficial for both a buyer and the seller. For the seller (the original lender), they don’t have to wait and they are getting a smaller profit with no risk, and for the buyer of the loan, they are receiving a higher profit for waiting until the end of the loan’s duration. This is in many ways similar to real life bond market.

Where can I buy DFND Crypto?

You can buy dFund on Uniswap.

Why should you buy dFund?

dFund is really one of a kind project. The roadmap is incredibly promising and if the dev team can keep up with the with it, it's only a matter of time for the market to catch up. It's a very risky play but one that can yield amazing profits. Do you own diligence and research the project further so you can make your own decision.

How to Buy dFund Crypto?

Step 1 - Setting up a Metamask Wallet

How to setup a metamask wallet

Metamask is by far the most used walled in the world of Ethereum. Whenever you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or even use blockchain apps that run on the Ethereum Network, Metamask will be your best friend. Setting up the wallet is also very simple and easy.

Head over to and click Download. You'll need to use Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for this to work. So make sure you are using one of these four browsers. Now at the end of the page, click on the browser you're using and install the extension.

You are now the Welcome Page of Metamask. Click on 'Get Started.' Now click on 'Create a Wallet.' Choose a strong password for your Metamask wallet and continue.

Very Important Part! Keeping your backup phrase safe is the difference between having millions in your account or be that guy on the landfill looking for his old hard drive.

Click on reveal your backup phrase and write every word down on paper. Make sure you don't save your backup phrase on anything digital. This is for your security. After you wrote down your backup phrase, you'll be asked to confirm it. Click on every word in the correct order, and you should be done.

Step 2 - Buy Ethereum on Simpleswap

Buy Ethereum on Simpleswap

Simpleswap is the easiest way to buy crypto today. Free from registrations, KYC and third-party custody. With Simpleswap we can buy ETH and receive it directly on our on-chain Metamask wallet, skipping most of the steps we'd have to take through a traditional exchange.

Click here to access Simpleswap

Just click the Buy/Sell Crypto tab, insert the USD amount you want to trade for ETH, and click "Exchange", just like this:

Buy Ethereum on Simpleswap

Now all you have to do is click the Metamask fox logo to directly copy and paste your Metamask Ethereum address. It should add it automatically.

Buy Ethereum on Simpleswap

You can now choose between Google Pay or card to complete the payment:

Buy Ethereum on Simpleswap

Once you complete the payment, all you gotta do is wait a few minutes for the payment confirmation, and for the on-chain transaction to complete. Once all that is completed you should see your updated balance in Metamask.

Step 3 - Buy dFund on Uniswap with ETH

Buy DFND on Uniswap with ETH

Uniswap is currently the number one Decentralized Exchanged in the world, and it's simply the best place to buy cryptocurrencies that aren't available on sites like Coinbase or Binance.

Before we head over to Uniswap, we need to prepare your Metamask Wallet to receive dFund. Open Metamask, scroll all the way down, and click here:

Add DFND token to Metamask

Select Custom Token and paste this token contract address there:


The rest should autofill, and you need to click next and then add tokens. Your account is now ready to receive dFund (DFND).

You can check the price and confirm the correct token address of dFund on Coingecko.

Let's buy some dFund!

Go to Uniswap. On the upper right corner, click on Connect Wallet and select Metamask. A confirmation popup should open on Metamask (click on the "little fox logo" if you don't see it). Now you need to accept, connect, and your wallet should be connected to Uniswap.

Select a token and paste the Token contract address: 0xd2adc1c84443ad06f0017adca346bd9b6fc52cab

Click Import and accept the terms.

Now you have to select the amount of ETH you want to trade for DFND. After you confirm it, another popup will appear from the Metamask extension and you should approve the transaction.

Wait a few minutes, and your DFND should appear on your Metamask Wallet.

Congratulations! You are now a proud Investor of dFund!

In case your transactions keep on failing, adjust your slippage tolerance. To do that, click on Uniswap's gear icon, and put 5% here:

Adjust slippage on uniswap

Step 4 - Store dFund on Ledger

Check out our guide on how you can store dFund on Ledger's Hardware Wallet

Check out dFund links:

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