How to Stake EGG on Goose Finance - Step by Step

how to stake egg on goose finance

Goose Finance has one of the best staking and farming returns I've seen in a long while. You should be taking advantage of this as soon as you can. Staking EGG is pretty simple, and you should be done in 5 minutes, assuming you already own EGG. If you don't own any EGG right now, you should read our tutorial on How to Buy EGG.

Step 1 – Connect your wallet to Goose Finance.

Go to your Goose Finance Nest. Once you're there, click on the Connect button (upper right corner). Metamask should show a popup for you to connect your wallet. Insert your password, and you should be connected.

Step 2 – Approve the Staking Contract

Now, if you want to stake EGG specifically, you should choose this option:

Stake EGG on Goose Finance

Click on Approve Contract. This has a small fee. Fortunately, Binance Smart Chain has very low fees (unlike ETH), which should only cost you a few cents.

Once the Contract is approved, the "Approve Contract" button should now change to "Stake".

Step 3 – Staking your EGG

Click on Stake.

Select the amount of EGG you want to stake and confirm it.

Confirm on the Metamask popup too.

After a few seconds, your staked EGG should now appear here:

Confirm staked EGG on Goose Finance

And you're done!

I suggest you Compound your earnings every day, or at the minimum, every two days. This will exponentially increase the amount of EGG you can earn from staking. Your earnings will add to the EGG you already staked, and the more you have staked, the more EGG you will earn.


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