How to Store Aave ZRX v1 Crypto (AZRX) on Ledger

How to store Aave ZRX v1 crypto on ledger

In this short guide, we’re going to cover how you can safely protect your Aave ZRX v1 crypto with a Ledger Hardware Wallet. This works for both the Nano S and Nano X versions. Aave ZRX v1 crypto is becoming really popular, and a lot of investors are not storing their tokens safely in a Hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano.

Also, in this guide, we will use Binance as an example exchange where you might have some Aave ZRX v1 tokens since it's the most popular of the ones you can buy Aave ZRX v1 from, but the process will be very similar if you have it on a different exchange.

In case you already have Aave ZRX v1 crypto on a different wallet. Just follow Step 2 and send your Aave ZRX v1 crypto from the wallet to that address.

What you'll need:

Step 0 - Buy your Ledger Wallet

To follow this tutorial, you'll need an official Ledger device. In my opinion, the best cold wallet you can currently buy.

If you already bought your ledger wallet skip to Step 1.

Ledger is not only the first brand to produce a secure cold wallet for crypto, but also, the brand that most innovated when it comes security of decentralized assets.

Any Ledger device will serve you well in your journey to security in crypto, but we highly recommend getting the Ledger Nano X because of the available space for different apps. Different apps will be needed to interact with different chains, and in this fast-evolving market you certainly don't want to get left behind because your ledger device doesn't have enough space for an extra app. In case you're more of a conservative investor, and only want to protect a few varieties of assets, you can get the Ledger Nano S Plus, or the normal Ledger Nano S that will serve your needs without a problem.

Go to the official Ledger Website

Confirm you are on the correct website. Follow our official links. Your url's main domain should end with

Click "Shop Now" and choose your device

Step 1 - Buy Aave ZRX v1 on Binance

You can skip this step if you already purchased your AZRX. Otherwise, you can follow our guide on how to buy Aave ZRX v1.

Step 2 - Find your Ledger's Ethereum Address

Aave ZRX v1 is an ERC-20 token, which means it 'runs' on the Ethereum Network. Any ERC-20 token must be sent to an Ethereum address. We are now going to copy our Ledger's Ethereum Address to withdraw our Aave ZRX v1 crypto to it.

Before we start, make sure you have your Ledger device connected to your computer's USB port and unlocked.

Open Ledger Live and Click 'Accounts':

In my case, I already have an Ethereum account created on Ledger Live. If you don't have one yet, make sure you install the Ethereum app and click 'Add Account,' select Ethereum, and confirm it on your Ledger.

Select your Ethereum Account and click 'Receive':

Click 'Continue':

Now it will ask your permission to open the Ethereum App on your Ledger:

Just double click on your Ledger:

The address will now appear on your screen. Click this button to copy the address:

This is your Ledger's Ethereum address. You can send ETH or any ERC-20 token to this address, and your Ledger's hardware wallet will safely protect it.

Step 3 - Withdraw your Aave ZRX v1 crypto from the Exchange to your Ledger's Ethereum Address.

For this guide, we are using Binance, but the process is identical on any other exchange. Just go to your funds and withdraw your Aave ZRX v1 tokens to the Ledger's Ethereum Address we copied onStep 2.

Log in and click on Wallet -> Fiat and Spot :

Search for 'AZRX' and click 'Withdraw':

Paste your ETH address, insert the amount of AZRX to send, and click 'Submit':

Now Binance will ask you for verification codes. Depending on the methods of security you have activated, they can ask you for a code sent to your email, a code sent to your phone by text message, and the Google Authenticator code if you have 2FA enabled.

Once that is done, your AZRX will be sent to your Ledger wallet, and it should arrive in under 10 minutes. In some rare cases, it can take longer, don't worry. If you make sure you withdraw your AZRX to your correct Ethereum address, it will arrive eventually.

You can go to your Ethereum Account on your Ledger Live program, and the AZRX you have withdrawn will show up on your list of tokens.


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